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As a result of the successful partnership between ENTER Construction and Pan Partners, and building on extensive experience in the implementation of the full life cycle of construction projects, we are able to offer a range of consulting services that facilitate the decision-making process of our clients, allowing them to fully manage and control their projects.

Our consulting services include:

  • EPCM
  • Construction Litigation
  • Construction Dispute Resolution (ADR) — Expert Witness
  • Architectural & Engineering Design
  • BIM

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Consulting services
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EPCM Services

We offer comprehensive Engineering, Procurement, and Construction Management services for our clients to best manage their projects and control their budgets

Construction Litigation

Building on our extensive experience in Construction Litigation, we assist our clients in resolving all the construction-related disputes that can arise from the planning and design phase of a new project

Construction Dispute Resolution (ADR) - Expert Witness

Due to our expertise in all forms of alternative dispute resolution, ENTER Construction provides access to accredited and knowledgeable Alternative Dispute Resolution expert witnesses to handle any cases that may arise

Architectural & Engineering Design

Over the years, we have built a diverse portfolio and a team of professionals who can design, build, and commission the most complex projects to the highest quality on time and within budget


Building Information Modeling (BIM) is a solution we offer to make construction better. It's one of the modern solutions we use to embrace all technological advancement in construction