We are committed to providing each client with a construction delivery system that meets their risks and needs. We realize that each client has different needs in regard to schedule, design, costs, and involvement.

Sometimes clients don’t realize that there are better delivery systems than the traditional design, bid, build system. We have innovative solutions to the adversarial relationship that can arise from the traditional client/contractor delivery system. Our systems provide for a more open, collaborative, and efficient building process.

Benefits of our subcontractor services are:

  • Accelerated Payments.

  • Known payment timing.

  • Improved cash flow.

  • Strengthened balance sheets.

  • Enhanced borrowing capacity.

  • Possibility for early pay discounts from lower-tier subcontractors.

If you would like to register to be in our directory of sub-contractors please fill out the form below. Registration is free and will make your company’s information available to our Estimating Department. This allows people interested in specialty contracting to find you where you are good at.

For further information, please contact us at: subcontractor@enterconstruction.ru


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