Safety first, on time, and within budget

Building in a safe environment is a top priority for Enter Construction. We strive to have zero accidents rate in all our projects and we ensure that all safety measures are strictly followed in all our sites.

Enter Construction is known for delivering fast-paced projects on-time or ahead of time and always within budget. We actively act in our clients’ best interests.

vision of enter construction
strategy of enter construction

Core Strategy

Our strategy sets out ambitions for smarter procurement, fairer payment, improving digital skills, and increasing client capability.

Building Information Modelling (BIM), Building Regulations, Planning, Sustainability, and Digital Construction is an important part of the strategy and is helping to increase productivity and collaboration through technology.

Our targets are based on our own experience and evidence that we have obtained from projects in Russia and overseas. Our targets include annual reductions of 10% in construction cost and construction time. We also propose that defects in projects should be reduced by 20% per year.

We understand that to achieve these targets we need to make radical changes to the processes. Therefore we identify 4 key elements of product development, project implementation, partnering the supply chain, and production of components. Sustained improvement should then be delivered through the use of techniques for eliminating waste and increasing value for our customers.

In sum, we propose to initiate a movement for change in the construction industry, for radical improvement in the process of construction and We do think that we’re at a point as an industry where things like technology, new materials, and an emphasis on workforce safety are having a very real and very positive impact on construction.


We are talking about the need for a 50% reduction in construction work injuries and illnesses, and a 50% reduction in project delivery time, as well as things like a 30-50% improvement in occupant comfort and reduction in pollution.

We approach the management of the safety and health of our workers on construction projects much differently now than we have in the past and we’re starting to approach the scheduling and management of our activities differently to facilitate safety.

Financial Strategy

Our financial strategy is focused on improving our financial strength and flexibility and managing cash and liquidity tightly. This will be even more vital during 2021 as the business adapts to the impact of Coronavirus. In 2021, we will also undertake a Strategic Review of the business, to create a growth plan for the future.


Our approach to sustainability is key to our Future Partnership. It’s fundamental not only for our business longevity but the planet too and we recognise its importance to Partners and customers, as well as the commercial opportunities of being an environmentally responsible and ethically focused business. Our strategy is currently underpinned by three commitments: Always Fair, Transforming Lives and Never Wasteful. However, as part of the Future Partnership Strategic Review, we will be placing even greater emphasis on business ethics and sustainability.