We carry out any repair and finishing works of private apartments, cottages, office buildings shops and so on.. Our specialists have all the necessary knowledge and experience to offer the best result to the client.


Complex repair implies a full range of works: interior design, redevelopment, finishing works, complete replacement of doors, windows, and other elements of the room interior . We always do repairs correctly, following the correct sequence of work and all construction and repair standards. We carry out the construction of the house on a turn-key basis: we perform the project of the house, the interior design, fill the foundation, build the walls of the cottage, build the roof, finish the facade and perform the internal finishing works in the premises. The construction of a private house is a big responsibility. And we are ready to take it upon ourselves, since we are professionals in this field.


We carry out both internal and external works in compliance with all European standards. We use the latest equipment, which allows us to give a guarantee of quality. Finishing works in commercial and residential premises are the main direction of our activity.


Over the years, we have mastered most of the repair and finishing works. Therefore we carry out complex repair “on a turn-key basis” quite often. We have a team of like-minded people who are united by professionalism, responsible approach to work, experience, aspiration for self-improvement. Professional and reliable equipment and tools help us to carry out work at a high level, using high-quality materials and modern technologies. Turning to us you will get high quality executed works at reasonable prices, also guarantee for all kinds of works, an individual approach, observance of order terms.

It’s no secret that repair can be a long and costly event that will take away a lot of strength, nerves and time. But you can entrust your premises to professionals who will perform repairs quickly and efficiently, in accordance with all norms and in accordance with the wishes of customers.

Qualitative and professional repair is important for many reasons. First of all you’ll live in this apartment. By entrusting work to professionals from our company, you can be sure that they will take into account all your wishes and will conduct complex repairs exactly “under you”. Immaculate finish will make your home attractive in the eyes of relatives, friends and acquaintances. Excellent repairs will be an important plus in if you are going to rent it or put it up for sale.

We give a guarantee for all types of works, as well as for repairs in general. This gives the customer confidence that repairs will be carried out in the most qualitative way, with observance of all necessary norms and in the specified terms. We should also say that we use all the latest technologies and finishing materials, which are more practical in maintenance and do not harm the environment.

Finally, everyone decides whether to spend their own time and energy on repairs or trust it to the professionals. If, however, the choice fell on professionals then priority should be given to those who have a solid experience. Good repair, even superficial, it’s not as difficult as it seems.

Repairs are most of the work carried out in the design and implementation of the design project of premises. Only when all the work on interior decoration and design is completed, then you can appreciate the beauty of the design concept. The quality of works, materials and experienced professionals are the guarantee of success. Turning to Perfect Interior you do not have to deal with the exhausting search of experienced masters. Our highly qualified specialists can finish the work and make repairs quickly and efficiently. A comprehensive approach to designing and decorating will save you a lot of money. All works are under the designer’s supervision. This means that the interior will fit the design project as closely as possible at the end of the repair.

Perfect interior always provides documentary reporting to the customer. All the actions that the campaign agrees with you about the repair and finishing work are documented. The customer can monitor the progress of the repair due to the transparency of the system. This also helps to avoid many mistakes in the actions of the performer.

Our profit is the sale of our services, we do not make mark-ups for the materials, but on the contrary, we try to provide a really fair price to the customer! That’s why we work only with reliable and trusted partners. Their list is replenished every day.

We do not overestimate prices for services. The cost of the work consists of the following factors:

  • Specificity of the task.

  • Possibility of its accelerated realization in the shortest terms at the request of the client.

  • Cost of materials. We choose only high-quality materials, but at a fairly low price – this is the main secret of our popularity.

  • The concept and distinctive feature of our company is the presentation of ready-made finishing and design solutions for your project. This decision was made to optimize costs both for us (the contractor) and for you (the customer).


  • The best architects, designers and builders will work on the project, they have specialized education and extensive experience in project implementation
  • The result will meet your expectations, you will be satisfied with the quality of the performed works.
  • We will offer the most adequate prices for construction and finishing works.
  • The order will be executed strictly on the deadline.

We offer you 3 design concepts

Each of the concepts has three price variations: Economy , Comfort, Business. This means that our Client will be able to choose one option at an acceptable price. We offer to choose a package of services, which will fit you :


Download Design


Download Design

We adhere to the following sequence of work:

  •  The above concepts are freely available on our website for preliminary review.

  • Prices for each option are presented in advance, and individual discounts are provided depending on the terms of payment. We offer for each payment schedule, an individual price.
  • After reviewing and choosing a design concept, as well as an agreement on the price, we can start immediately. The draft contract is also freely available on our website.

You can find samples of our work, as well as a standard contract agreement, in the files below:

Simple Of WorkContract Agreement

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